In this work, Ibrahim Fazlic draws the audience into shadows, into a latex-covered darkroom that enshrines the body. Latex is extracted from rubber trees and is a biodegradable material. Latex construction is a continuous decaying process. Because our bodies excrete carbon dioxide, the environment in the latex room is poisoned when our bodies enter it. The body-as-poison-carrier is further explored by the artist considering how the microplastics in our systems – put there through -for example - the food we eat, harm us.
In the darkroom, the audience is presented with an ASMR sound system via headphones. ASMR (autonomic sensory meridian response) is a YouTube phenomenon in which auditive experiences trigger a tickling, tingling sensation that spreads from the head and neck throughout the body.

A dominatrix microplastic siren calls the listener back to the seabed to rot, where the microplastic can reappear in its original form as oil.  Human excavation has torn microplastics from its motherland to which it now longs to return. We impose our agency on the microplastic, and as a consequence, the microplastic turns on us: its desire is to penetrate and permeate us - to poison us. The microplastic wants our bodies. We must die for it - the origin of microplastics was the mass graves of creatures that lived on earth long before the human age. They want to make a new mass grave with our microplastic penetrated bodies, let the earth weigh us down. After millions of years, the pressure will have turned us all into the oil. Only then will the microplastic be back in its original form in the motherland.

Comissioned by: Kunsthall Trondheim and The Seed Box

sound design: Hilmar Bergendahl Larsen Scenography assistance: Heidi Dalene
Curators: Stefanie Hessler, Carl Martin Faurby, Katrine Elise Pedersen 


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