prty lyf is an intrusive and dirty investigation into the phenomenon of partying as an outlet for a deep, alienating depression.

My dear
Come in
Poor you
Come into my nightclub from hell.
Come in and let yourself sink into disco lights and murderous techno.
You're not evil. You're not bad. You're not terrible. You are not guilty.
It's okay that you're angry. It's okay that you are horny. It's okay to not give a damn about the whole fucking world and just have fun!

In prty lyf, performance artist Ibrahim Fazlic parties away all your sorrows. Through a sea of repetitive bass and strobe lights, he will entice and seduce you from VORSPIEL (pre-party), through SPIEL (party), and into NACHSPIEL (afterparty). By the end of the evening, he’s soothed your middle-class woes, and enticed you into a mischievous and dirty play-along. The performance examines the western middle class's relationship to itself and the world. At the nexus between self-contradiction, powerlessness, and a guilty conscience, Fazlic seeks to find out whether the western middle class has a right to suffering in this self-destructive game.


Supported by: 

Arts Council Norway, Trondheim municipality, Trøndelag County Council, Rosendal Teater, Dramatikkens hus (Norwegian Centre For New Playwriting)

Performance history: 

Premiered at Teater Avant Garden in Trondeheim, 2018 
Performed at Rosendal Teater in Trondheim, 2019 
Invited to perform at Vårscenefest (the Spring Stage Festival) Tromsø and the annual IETM conference in 2020 – both canceled due to the Corona pandemic
Performed at SALT art & music in Oslo, 2021