Johnny Johnson and the Boi


Digital theatre production
By Kate Pendry and Ibrahim Fazlic

In Spring 2020 Fazlic was originally to present prty lyf (a terrific party of a performance!) at the Spring Stage Festival. When this was no longer possible, Fazlic decided to offer the public a chance to meet the main character from prty lyf, inviting artist Kate Pendry and her character Johnny Johnson to join him in the experiment. The result is a new - artistically very risky - live production.
Kate Pendy and Ibrahim Fazlic's iconic characters Johnny Johnson and Prty Boi meet in an extraterrestrial waiting room. An "intergenderational" conversation arises when these two high-frequency humans meet each other - and their own mirror images.
The play becomes a meta-journey, in which a female artist in her fifties plays a man who meets a male artist in his late twenties who plays a boi. Both are attention-seekers, but in very different ways. In this artistic laboratory, two intense characters are mixed in a theatrical petri dish.
Pendry & Fazlic, Johnny & Boi.
- what can go wrong? -


Performance history: 

Spring Screen Festival, 2020
Text, consept and performed by: Kate Pendry and Ibrahim Fazlic